When is the last time you checked your wheel bearings?

wheel bearings

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  1. Speedloader says:

    My Cottrell quick loader has Meritor sealed hubs. I hate them. No oil site glass ’cause they’re sealed hubs. Last year I’m passing an old lady in the dark and as I’m watching the right mirror, I see in her headlights the right front trailer hub practically explode. Smoke, sparks, etc etc. There was no previous warning, no smell, no wheel or hub shimmy, nothing ! I was lucky to get to the side when I did, and even then I had to empty my fire extinguisher into it. Fortunately it worked or AVIS would have been short 9 Ford Focus’s ! Every time the trailer goes for service now, I get them to check the hubs, however they do it. At least if something like that happens again, and the outcome is far worse, I’ll have a paper record of having had it checked on a regular basis. Hope everyone is busy and back at it. Cheers.


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