Zuckerman now wants to keep union haulers alive

performance transportation letterhead

We believe the automotive OEMs are trying to run the unionized car haulers out of business,” Fred Zuckerman, the Teamster’s car haul division director.

I think their experience with Performance has them realizing they need to keep all the union companies they can!

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3 Responses to Zuckerman now wants to keep union haulers alive

  1. chainslinger says:

    Can`t beleive what I am hearing suckershit saying that oems put PTS out of biz?
    If not mistaken that moron was the one that said that PTS was not viable and would not negotiate with them. He and that looser hoffa have nobody to blame but themselves.
    Quess he think`s we won`t remember rot in hell scumbag`s.

  2. Speedloader says:

    This seems akin to cutting off the head and then sticking a ‘pinkie’ band-aid over the neck !!!

    In the Navy this is called ‘damage control’, but what’s the point when the ship is 90% underwater ?


  3. disgruntled teamster says:

    Fred Z..gave us Articlre 2, section 8 on our last NMATA contract which the employers promptly used to circumvent the contract and allow Teamsters to save their JOBS??? and compete with non union carriers, URS, Harbor, Sierra Mountain etc, etc. Now that Plan A has failed miserably and the Teamster Carhaulers are now the lowest paid truck drivers, ie; Allied making 17% below scale and PMT/Cooper/Active working “flat rate”. Now what FRED???
    You want to keep union carhaulers alive? Carhaul is on “life support” and the shippers are giving contracts to the lowest bidder. Not too long ago Teamsters hauled 75% of new cars in North America but in order to compete with “gippos” we must lower our costs….I just bought a used Pete with a nice strap cottrell trailer and will be working for URS. Don’t forget to get your “withdrawal cards” guys.

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