Zuckerman on Union vs Non-union

Are the teamsters taking the right approach?

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12 Responses to Zuckerman on Union vs Non-union

  1. carhauler1 says:

    Not one mention of organizing non-union companies like URS or jnm or accurate who are ripe for a union vote one they will close shop or pay better and am I wrong when I say ford is using URS to haul out of flat rock and accurate out of detroit?

  2. unknown carhauler says:

    Yes you are correct, URS has been in flatrock hauling mazdas for years. They have just recently picked up mustang traffic there. They also have new Ford traffic that was once going into fostoria ohio. It now goes into their walbridge ohio rail yard. I have been told that Ford had issues with the Northfolk Southern railroad and switched the traffic to conrail yards.

  3. carhauler1 says:

    then I ask why is Mr.Zuckerman lying to teamsters when he states that ford and teamsters have a sound agreement ? I know accurate and tran tech are hauling ford pickups and focus cars out of detroit and I believe fords out of jessup,Md and other rail heads.Why won’t the teamsters organize these companies the drivers in selkirk tried and teamsters turned on them WHY? What is wrong with bringing in new blood or the least put these cutthroats out of business?

  4. disgruntled says:

    The union didn’t turn on Accurate! The drivers are rightfully scared to be out of a job. The people that run accurate are bastards to no end! Striping away vacation pay, forcing drivers to pay for damages weather they caused them or not, or they with hold pay or refuse to dispatch them. I understand the pay can be good and the middle management is what’s keeping them afloat! I hear they are now not allowing repairs and and falling apart at the seems. Hearing rumors that they are for sale and seeing the signs of a bankruptcy. Thier time will come to an end but not soon enough. It’s pretty bad when people say Swift was a better company to work for.

  5. carhauler1 says:

    Disgruntled I understand they are afraid and rightfully so but the pressure needs to stay on accurate and the others they cut the rates and must live by them and I hope and pray that they either go union and are forced to raise the rates so all can make a good living or they shut down and car companies and rails are forced to bring back theunion carhaulers and we all win so we must keep organizing and spreading the word and help these families

  6. fatmac says:

    yeh accurate is hauling the fords out of detroit and spencer and etc. The rates suck. Accurate just bids low for no reason. Look what they did to the nissans at the port of baltimore. Also the porsches 50 cents a mile for enclosed. what a joke. but guess all the companies are doing it just to survive. What i don’t understand is why all these other non union companies lighthouse va tranport etc are trying to get in and get a piece of the action. The rates don’t even support the truck much less the driver. i must not know what it costs to have a 225k truck plus fuel /ins/driver pay gross 3k a week and make money. Those 4 unit multi stop loads are what really makes it worth it . The union trucks aren’t much better with some of the deals they have taken. But as independents we need the union to set the pay rate or we all are screwed. There is enough work for all. Its just the idiots who keep cutting the rates who screw it up. The only way for them to cut the rate is to screw the driver with alot off the top before you see it. aka accurate 25% before you start. Well i’m off to greener pastures . i’ll leave the new cars out here to someone else. i’m headed to the rockies to have some real fun hauling cars. No i should say pick ups.

  7. disgruntled says:

    I’m not always sure the union is the answer but i definetly get the need for it. Compitition is good! In any industry. It seems that all of these companies have the attitude that we need them more than they need us. Without the drivers the cars don’t move and no one gets paid! I have never worked for the union. Have nothing against them, we are all out here doing the same job! I’ve only been in it for 6 years and companies like accurate take the pride away from what we do. Hell diversified is growning so fast i think we’ll all be working for them in the future. As far as rates go the customers should remember you get what you pay for! It’s a chain reaction. Low rates mean more hustle to make a dollar. Drivers in so much of a hurry they have no time to build a relationship with the dealers and build trust. It also forces companies to cut corners neglecting equipment and hiring inexperienced employee’s. But what do i know about that? I’m just a dumb truck driver!

  8. ethan says:

    he has got to be one of the sorriest ********* I’ve ever met

  9. jsims says:

    He is worried about his pockets, thats all.. GO UNION RAH RAH RAH

  10. being says:

    Um, the Unions have cut their noses off despite their faces. Due to more than successful bargaining in the 1980s, the Big-3 suffered losses which they carried over to the hourly workers in the form of layoffs. The union(s) strike or threaten to, making the source of everyone’s cash become stressed: stated differently, the unions cut their noses off despite their faces… again. Thinking ONLY of THEIR salaries, the unions lobbied hard… to the point the Big-3 had REAL “issues” paying their own bills, which is why the Big-3 have lost market share to the foreign auto manufacturers selling their products here. Like it or not, they’re here to stay for people to buy ’em. As hourly workers you are unreplaceable ONLY until the next college grad figures out a way to make a robot to do what you did! Then, blam-mo! You’re out of a job… permanently!!!

    Look, it is NOT the responsibility of the government nor of corporations to provide ANYONE a job. It IS the responsibility of the government to get out of the way of commerce within reason, and it IS the responsibility of the corporation to make money for the stock holders. Like it or not, this IS the way it is! PERIOD!!! You NEED to get your collective bargain heads around this concept. NONE OF US ARE NEEDED as much as a robot can replace our job! PERIOD!!!!!! No one “deserves” to be paid ANY amount of money indefinitely. If you do not – or will not – accept this as fact then there’s a reason why you’re an hourly laborer and those college grads are systematically removing your jobs! Um, they’re being PAID TO DO IT!!!! It’s within their interest to make their bosses happy by trimming costs and expenses – of which labor is a HUGE one at that!!!!

    So, it is NOT anyone’s “right” to work at a particular corporation. Corporations have a fiduciary DUTY to the stock holders… FIRST!!!! Above EVERY expense, the stock holders are FIRST! It’s called the free market. If the stock holders aren’t happy, ain’t no one happy: they’re kinda like momma that way! For your own sakes, PLEASE try to understand you cannot squeeze blood from a turnip! You must work WITH the Corporation… not AGAINST (striking, etc.) the Corporation. After all, they DO hold your jobs! Truly, if I were in control of a corporation… there’d be absolutely NO way any group of people that would stop me from making the best amount of profit possible… because it would be MY JOB!!!!! Corporations and profits are NOT morally bound! The emotional attachment most hourly union workers attach to their jobs is unnatural. While I totatlly understand why in the most basic of senses that people do it, it’s just not healthy to give ANY employer, corporation, or boss THAT much loyalty! The ONLY entity you need to be THAT loyal to is: first, God; second, your spouse; third, your children, fourth, everyone else. For the love of humanity, please try to re-adjust your priorities to reflect this more healthy version of reality! Obama or not, for his administration to interfere in ANY way with commerce is – in one way or another – anti-consumer!!! (i.e., global warming “technology,” etc.)

  11. being says:

    Said more succinctly, companies need product and them to be sold… everything else is an expense to the Corporation and therefore it’s continued payment is suspect only in as much there’s a replacement for something better, cheaper, easier, etc. (Hourly workers are expenses to a Corporation, and therefore are to be kept as minimal as possbile! Er go, layoffs are imminent due to technology replacing workers with robots and/or computers OR cheaper labor overseas!)

  12. streetfighter says:

    I have a question…why is it there are so many ex-teamsters working for these “cut-rate” outfits like tran tech, owner/operator & company drivers? What happened to the “brotherhood”? Yeah, support the union when your working for them, but then where’s the union when you need the support? 100% Teamsters until you need a job then you go to work for the very “scabs” you used to criticize? If you’re so pro-union, why do I see your Union Trucks at Non-Union fuel stops, Non-Union stores, either you’re pro union or you’re not, but all you are is hypocrites. I’m non-union, at one time I wanted to be union, but when I saw how you “brothers” cut each others throats & stab each other in the back, I knew better. By the way, that little company called tran tech, they’re over 70% ex-union, E&L, Cassens, Cooper, Allied, yep, they’re all there. So enlighten me again about the brotherhood? Thanks for your time, just wondering…

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