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9:44 am
April 18, 2011

Dave Campbell


posts 418

Has anybody heard anything about this?

pacific motor trucking pmt

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3:27 pm
April 19, 2011


Location: Earth !


posts 248

I thought PMT (US) and Leaseway (PMT Canada) were done two years ago (2009) ?


Now I hear rumbelings in some circles that PMT continued a paltry existence on the US West Coast ….. ?



8:53 am
April 21, 2011

the rabbit


New Member

posts 1

PMT  Pacific Motor Trucking, has been on life support for the last 2 yrs and although the owners, Jack Cooper Transport have not officially announced the bad news to the few drivers that  remain the rumors are that May 2 2011 is indeed their last day.   What a sad ending for a once proud group of dedicated carhaulers who served General Motors principally since 1927 if memory serves me right.  PMT  who once  belonged to Southern Pacific Railroad was sold to Jack Cooper Transport in 1989 and in my opinion the beginning of the end.  Shortly after Jack Cooper arrived trouble soon began.  Their style of management actually caused the drivers to walk off their jobs one day to protest their heavy hand, warning letters, terminations, etc.  They quickly sent a team to California to investigate why the drivers were so pissed off. We all met, drivers, union, and management to sign a peace treaty if you will.  Jack Cooper meanwhile decided to  break the union and out of nowhere VPD, (Vehicle Processing and Delivery) was introduced in San Diego Ca.  brand new shiny Red Volvo rigs,,  incidentally better equipment than PMT was using at the time.  Many drivers at PMT lost their jobs due to this and it was later learned that Jack Cooper did indeed own VPD.  As the laid off PMT drivers scrambled to find work VPD was recruiting drivers from truck driving schools to drive the new VPD trucks.  It took them a while to get trained and reduce the tremendous damages caused by inexperienced drivers but things paid off $$$$$$$$$$$$$ eventually.  Lower wages and virtually no fringe benefits meant big profits..You fill in the blanks____________________.  PMT is too expensive (teamster benefits).  Relentless pressure from the teamster drivers finally convinced VPD drivers to sign union cards and after many years VPD became Teamsters.  Jack was pissed now and finally closed VPD and their drivers joined PMT.  Fast forward to 2008,  economic meltdown, GM closing plants and auto industry in worst shape since 1930's.  Perfect storm?  I see you working Jack,err, T Michael Riggs, the new owner/partner  IEP  innovative equity partners<  

9:13 am
April 21, 2011


Location: Earth !


posts 248

1st Welcome to the site 'the rabbit'. That was a great first post. Informative.

2nd My mistake. I was thinking P as in Performance as oppsed to P as in Pacific. Guess I should have Googled PMT-West Coast before I said anything. If that's accurate, and I'm not saying it isn't, that's a real shame what's happened and what's happening to PMT and VPD.


Keep us posted



7:15 pm
April 22, 2011

Old Tex


posts 22

VPD…( Vehicle Processing and Delivery )  was a non-union outfit….NO BENEFITS ( actually drivers were " machinist union " )  originally opened in San Antonio that old Thom Cooper's son-in law and Jim Fields dreamed up…( Fields came to United in Houston from Complete in Norwood Ohio in 1976 )..Old Thom owned a small oil company in Delaware and they incorporated ( Hid ) VPD in Delaware as part of that oil company….My local 988 in Houston and the Arlington local ( traffic was taken from both terminals..Cry.but Houston got hit the hardest ) investigated and after digging for a long time exposed the conspiracy….We ( Houston and Arlington Cooper drivers ) received settlement checks because of the conspiracy and VPD closed operations in San Antonio…Safety Carriers moved in and started hauling the ( GM ) traffic…Several VPD drivers went to Safety….Safety's rigs ( non union ) looked a lot like Allied equipment and they were also out of Atlanta…   On November 1 1997 Cooper bid the San Antonio GM traffic and moved PMT in there to haul it…..thereby not allowing laid off Houston JCT drivers to  " follow " their work as the contract allows:…PMT bid the terminal and one driver came from San Bernadino…A couple of the old VPD drivers were hired…and the rest off the street…The irony of the whole thing is karma…When Old Thom passed …he left EVERYTHING to his grandson Tim and The son in  law and Fields were out on their ears..I agree with some of the Rabbit's comments….but after Timmy took over Jack Cooper….it was a whole new ball game…Everything was relaxed and positive and any driver who wanted to run hard and make a lot of money was free to do so….Cool

5:04 pm
April 26, 2011



Post edited 5:21 pm – April 26, 2011 by Ry

The official closing of Mira Loma as stated in a letter dated 4/25 from Greg May ( president of the company) , will be June 1, 2011. The only traffic left is a few Mazdas that come in one or two rail cars at a time a couple times a week. All Honda traffic ends for SoCal PMT 4/30. So what this probably means is 1 or 2 drivers & a supervisor will be working off and on for 1 more month.   

4:53 am
March 17, 2012



Post edited 7:56 am – March 17, 2012 by Speedloader

Dave Campbell said:

Has anybody heard anything about this?

pacific motor trucking pmt

I don't have any idea about that but I would like to know the mystery behind this picture in your words…

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