Manheim steps into the broker market

Manheim announced their acquisition of Ready Auto Transport. The synergy I see is in being able to steer more work to RAT. I wonder how feasible that is. If I was a booth renting transporter at a Manheim auction and they tried to lure any of my customers away from me, I’d be upset. I’m pretty sure that would be the last booth rent they would get from me. I imagine they will make more money brokering that stuff out than they were getting off of those booths anyway.

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26-car load in china

Pretty tough to beat these guys when they do everything 2 wide!

26car load in china

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February1940 Eufaula, Oklahoma

old auto transporter delivering new cars in 1940

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EZDispatch search change.


12/25/12 We have uploaded some improvements to correct some of the problems created by the new search. Most importantly, putting two search words in a single search box will now return only hits with both of those words not any of them. We have also added the ability to search state abbreviations even though they are only 2 characters. Call me at 405 382 2866 or email if you need help or have any specific problems.


We are changing the way EZDispatch handles searches so we can speed up the sever. Instead of matching anything you type in the search box, it will look at just whole words with more than three letters in the new system. You will still be able to search for partial matches by adding an * after the partial beginning. For example beg* will find both beggar and beginner. This will only apply to pickup delivery and bill to fields. This does NOT apply to the VIN searches. A 17 digit vin will still be able to be found with a last 6 search.

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Church Hill Maryland fire

Reported by the StarDem

church hill md auto transporter car carrier fire

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What are their securing requirements?

The article on Wakefield Express says 9 cars came off! Might be inaccurate reporting too.

what are the methods used to secure auto transport loads over there?

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Sounds like the jump box started this one!

Off of “Fire department Chief Paul Irons said that the fire started in the front half of the car carrier where an auxiliary battery was being stored. Normally the battery is used to jump-start vehicles that the carrier transports. ”

enclosed auto transporter fire

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Looks like the Border Patrol might have some LONG loading ramps for sale.

NEWS13 KRGE has the story.

Are you missing your car hauler ramps from your auto transporter

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Will dealers be able to broker transport on vehicles that have been retailed?

Honest Broker – Ex-Carrier

How will the broker bond change things for Central Dispatch and for carriers and dealers brokering cars they have sold or don’t own for a fee? $10,000 fine per violation! Plus the new broker bond is $75000!!!!

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This one started in the motor.

Off of the Daily Press: The truck driver, who was not injured, told officials he’d heard a loud bang as he was driving, according to Norton. When the man stopped and exited the cab, he said the engine was fully engulfed. Drivers began calling 911 to report the fire at 2:49 p.m., with the three cars onboard the hauler soon in flames. auto transprter car hauler fire started in the motor

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