#5 Reason I’m not making money hauling cars.

I think you can make a profit but it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I got this reply on the everyone is a car hauler nowautohaulershopper forums:
Postby carhauler1 ยป Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:45 pm
Dave really!!!! You know as well as I no one is making a living the way they should! Price of hauling cars are way up cost of doing business is way up profit margine zero ! DOT regs killing everyone unless you wanna be cowboy and run illegal!! Thanks dave I love your transport fool web page so please take care and God Bless !!

While I would agree that it is harder now than in the past to make a good living hauling cars, I have customers that are still doing it, so I know it is possible. From where I sit here is the top 5 reasons a car hauler isn’t making money.

5. Wrong truck for the job. A short run with a stacker rig or a long haul with a 7-car quick-loader are both detrimental. It is important to have the correct equipment for your customers. It’s pretty tough to compete on rates if you competition hauls 50% more per trip!

I’ll try to tackle the top 4 reasons in future posts.

4. Working for customers that don’t pay.

3. Not maximizing truck capacity.

2. Damage claims

1. To many brokered loads.

auto hauler maximizing his capacity


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