A Jack Cooper driver sues Cottrell

Cottrell auto transport trailers jack cooper car carrier truck

I read an article the other day on the madison record about a transport driver suing Cottrell because he hurt his back using the manual skids on the Cottrell trailer he was pulling. The more I thought about it the more absurd it seemed to me. It seems to me if I have these questions you can bet the defense attorneys will have them and more. For these to make sense, you may need to read the article first.

If the ramps were bent or deformed why were they not replaced or at least repaired?

Had the driver written up the needed replacement of the ramps but been overridden by the maintenance dept?

If Jack Cooper Transport bought trucks with manual ramps because of the cost savings didn’t they then accept the risk of back injury that naturally comes with the manual ramps?

If road grime was jamming the tracks was the truck washing methods or intervals changed to try for the obvious fix before declaring that the product was defective?


I found a post steve did on Carhauler news a while back that basically has the same take on the same article.

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