ADESA to Acquire Internet-Based Auction Software Company, Live Global Bid

ADESA auto auction

This is off of Business Wire

ADESA, Inc. today announced that it plans to acquire Live Global Bid, Inc. (LGB), a leading provider of Internet-based auction software and services, on June 30, 2008. The LGB technology allows auction houses to broadcast their auctions through simultaneous audio and video feeds to all participating Internet users from any location.

As we see our market change with the influence of technology it affects the transporters because right now a dealer can buy a few cars at every sale instead of traveling to the sale twice a month so your average cars per stop is lowered. Of course adding stops to your route lowers profits as well. If we see this trend continue, (and I think we will), then the next logical step will be to sell the cars on the internet without actually shipping them to the auction facility. It seems efficient to skip the extra shipping, but with the logistics nightmare it creates I think using the auction lot as the hub, in what basically becomes a hub and spoke distribution system, makes more sense to me.

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