Central Dispatch reaches milestone in bold move to deal directly with the customer.

In a press release put out yesterday by Central Dispatch they announced that they have signed up their 2000th dealer. This will be applauded by some and boo-ed by others but at a time when carriers are struggling to bear the burdensome fuel costs it may be a beneficial move for the industry. I titled it as a bold move because Central Dispatch was built on a carrier/broker model and this represents a shift to a carrier/customer model.

Joe L. Says:

In doing so they have really ruined the site for the Owner-Ops. The dealers post cars for next to nothing prices and anyone else that posts cars to Central follows suit. In my opinion that was the worst move that Central could have ever done. Not only are they going to put the Owner-Ops out of business, they are going to put themselves out of business as well. Dealers seem to forget…without transporters they will never get their freight from place to another. We cannot afford to keep hauling freight at these rates. If Central really cared about the transporters they would have never let dealers onto the site. But it all comes down to one thing…the all mighty dollar. But I guess Central’s executives didn’t plan for the long term, and that all mighty dollar greed will catch up with them in due time.

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