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Disgruntled Carrier

I started as a Carrier for Central Dispatch earlier this year in 2012. Initially, I was optimistic about my future and extremely excited to be in business working for myself. Six months later now, the reality of the situation is bleak and quite different..

Central Dispatch has dried up, at least for me in the Southwest United States. I’ve watched loads go from $1.40 + per mile to well under .80 Cents a mile. For any of you ridiculous brokers out there who think I will run my fancy car hauler, with a custom built enclosed trailer for you at below .80 cents a mile, you’re completely wrong.

Central Dispatch allows brokers to post ridiculously low rates, many of whom change names regularly and would be considered “fly by night”.. Many brokers out there should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they actually are. I have invested heavily into my business, and have some pretty big operating expenses. Between the cost of fuel, insurance, payments on equipment, and the government constantly sticking their hands out for money, the future is very much uncertain for my business. Brokers posting loads to carriers with ridiculously low rates that won’t even cover the cost of fuel has become the new “normal”.

The carriers take ALL of the risk. The carriers are also away from their homes, and families for long durations making your deliveries. Brokers don’t have the thousands of dollars in fuel costs that I do EACH month. The brokers just sit back in their nice comfy offices counting their money and laughing all the way to the bank. Karma WILL catch up to you guys who do business so unscrupulously. If you guys want to see the trucking industry survive, you’re going to have to play fair and pay carriers what they deserve and need to stay in business.

Central Dispatch was bought out earlier this year and is now operating under new management. Their system of operation promotes and condones the “fly by night” brokers to do business with them. Auto dealerships posting stupid low pay is making it even worse. There is no effective means to communicate this publicly regarding Central Dispatch, other than posting on forums like I am here and now. If you’re a new carrier starting out, DON’T use Central Dispatch. They will rip you off.

Julian‘s response

I’m sorry but you have a few thoughts mixed up… If you don’t like Central Dispatch THEN DON’T USE IT …. If you don’t like low pricing then DON’T TAKE IT! … If you like to have good paying vehicles then make sure that you are on it right away and being the first person to call in so you can be the one to take it. Thats how you get the good and regular paying vehicles…… Obviously people who take the lower paying vehicles chose to do so not because thats all there is and I’m sure they are happy with that rather than traveling with a empty truck! …… Don’t blame anyone other than yourself for losing money… I see many companies rising while only using Central Dispatch because they put THEIR OWN EFFORT into finding loads not just expecting to get what you want every time you sign in……. If you actually sit down for a moment and call the broker right away then you WILL get good paying routes…………. Don’t hate on brokers either! They do just as much work as you do. Obviously you take the risk because it is YOUR business and you make more than brokers do I’m sure you knew that when you decided to open your company otherwise everyone would just work under the management of others….. and take no risk to themselves and would you like to trade in your vulnerability for a third of your regular pay?? Also no one told you to get a “Fancy Car Hauler” … If you care more for looks than service then be my guest to see who would rather a “Fancy Car Hauler” over the price to actually get the service that you and others provide.

Rebuttal by Disgruntled Carrier

Just to clarify a few things Julian.. I am a carrier with a 100% rating. I take pride in my personal appearance, and the appearance of my truck and equipment. As I’m sure you’re aware, portraying a professional image is imperative to the success or failure of any business, especially as an independent carrier. I promise my clients on time delivery, and I have delivered on time, every single time. Proper communication with client and broker are key to the whole process working smoothly, and I keep both informed from pickup to delivery. Why then do brokers often pay me late, promising one thing but doing something totally different? They still want me to give them a 100% rating even when they are sometimes several weeks late paying me!! The list of brokers that I refuse to do business with for the reasons stated above is growing and growing. Not all brokers are unscrupulous, but it does seem many have lost their principles or ethics.

Quote from Julian – “Obviously people who take the lower paying vehicles chose to do so not because thats all there is and I’m sure they are happy with that rather than traveling with a empty truck!” Julian, I’m sorry but YOU have a few thoughts mixed up. Some drivers will pick up scraps (.30 cent per mile deliveries) out of necessity just to fill their trailers. There are also small carriers who are having to run these .30 cent a mile deliveries regularly, just to try to pay the bills each month. They aren’t “happy” about it as you imply. Chances are certain that they are losing money on that delivery in the long run.

Quote – “If you actually sit down for a moment and call the broker right away then you WILL get good paying routes…” This simply isn’t a accurate statement. I call brokers daily, and my business phone rings consistently. I am usually the guy that calls them first, minutes after they get to work or in the office. The have their profit margins, and seldom will cut into it much because a driver feels the rate is too low. I don’t mean to “hate” on brokers too much. I also don’t mean to rip CD too much. They are only part of a bigger problem, not the sole cause or source. I just really wish Central would put some minimum limits on the rates to try to keep up with the rising costs of doing business.

As for my “fancy car hauler” comments, I’ve met and shaken hands with numerous customers who appreciate my first class, white glove operation. When they see that my trailer is clean enough to eat off the floor of, and that I actually have the right equipment to properly transport their car without causing damage, they find peace of mind in that. I’ve seen plenty of shabby, rusty, dirty and unsafe looking trucks and trailers out there. I’ve seen plenty of drivers who care not about their appearance. That’s their choice.. If you owned a expensive or rare auto, would you want to stick it on a trailer with a guy who looks to be homeless and perhaps just stole the truck? Of course not.. My prices are not unfair and as long as a delivery covers the basic expenses for the run, I’ll take it. Times are tough with the economy, and I realize not every run will be a gravy run. I do however take offense to brokers who want something delivered enclosed, ASAP, and across the country for less than it costs in fuel.. Wouldn’t you? I had a broker recently try to get me to deliver a 2012 Rolls Royce, coast to coast, for .42 cents a mile. LOL.. Seriously?

I apologize for my unusually harsh statements about CD and brokers in my first post. Some of the things I said were simply unfair, such as “don’t use CD, they will rip you off”.. We are all only spokes on the wagon wheel of life. CD, Carriers & Brokers need to work together to improve things or they will just continue to get worse. Fuel prices keep rising, rates remain the same or actually drop. The Federal government needs to loosen it’s choke hold on this industry or this industry will continue to suffer. Fewer and fewer decent dispatch boards exist now. Fewer and fewer options presently exist outside of using CD. Why you may ask? That’s a conversation for another time..

To CD – I like many of the facets and aspects of the service they provide. There needs to be minimum limits set by them on the ridiculous low rates posted. My biggest gripe outside of the cost for using CD are the unreasonably low rates posted.

To the Brokers – I love many of you. You guys are my bread and butter, my livelihood. We have a symbiotic relationship where we need each other to survive. Keep pricing the good carriers out of business however and you will be left with only the shabby, rusty, dirty and unsafe looking trucks and operators.

I go to great lengths to keep my clients happy and to provide the best and most professional service that I possibly can. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is very much true, and I personify that with my business and my actions.

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