Cottrell forbids conversion of chain-down equipment to straps.

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I know the legal liabilities in equipment manufacturing are huge. It makes me wonder if that is what is driving Cottrell’s position here or if there really are insurmountable engineering problems that prohibit the conversion of the chain units. Aftermarket conversions are available

Here is a copy of their official letter.

July 28,2008
Customer Letter Regarding Modification of
Chain Units into Strap Units
(Web version. Letter also sent to all customers via certified
mail, return receipt requested.)
Dear Valued Customer:
We at Cottrell have recently become aware of a desire by some
of our customers to modify/convert their Cottrell chain units into strap
units. Please be advised that as the manufacturer of both chain and
strap units, we have not validated or otherwise approved any such
modification or conversion of Cottrell equipment.
Our engineers designed our chain trailers to serve as chain
trailers, and our strap trailers to serve as strap trailers. Each design has
features that lend to the desired purpose for which it was intended.
Any modification or conversion from one design into the other will be
considered an unapproved post-sale modification which may void any
and all warranties on the subject unit. In addition, Cottrell will not be
liable for equipment problems, property damage or personal injuries
resulting from such unapproved modifications.
This letter is provided to reinforce and reiterate Cottrell’s position
on equipment modifications, as set forth in Cottrell’s “OPERATOR’S
Failure to follow these warnings and instructions may cause
serious personal injury or death.
1. Do not modify or alter your Equipment without the prior written
consent of Cottrell, Inc. Modifications or alterations may
compromise the structural integrity or safety aspects that exist in
the original design of the Equipment. Such modifications or
alterations may also cause property damage and void the
2125 Candler Road
Gainesville,GA 30507
(77O) 532-7251 Ext.278
(77O) 532-2851 Facsimile

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