Cottrell Nextgen officially launched

Cottrell now calls their strap-down units soft ties and has created a new product line labeled nextgen. They are offered in all of the original flavors like highside/lowside, stacker/quickload, etc. They even have 5-packs and hotshots.

I am yet unconvinced that this is the right direction for the auto transport industry to go because it seems to be less efficient, with more loading time and loss of space due to no suspension compression and the need for extra clearance for the bounce it allows. The problem is that my opinion isn’t the one that matters. For that matter neither do the opinions of the management of the large companies or Cottrell for that matter. This is being mandated by the car manufacturers and since they hold the purse strings, they make the call for all the new-car transporters. This is going to trickle down to the used car haulers soon, as the manufacturers discontinue the tie-down points on the newer models.

9axle Says:

I just got and brand new CX-6MST 2 weeks ago, and although a little slower to load, I feel it unloads just as quick. I really like the ground level strapping concept. As far as bounce, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. I watch carefully, and most of the movement is down, not up and down. I always left a fist with my chain truck, now I leave at least a fist and a half. Except Crown Vics. Those things are all over the place. Pickups, small suvs and most cars really don’t bounce anywhere near as much as I expected.

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