Do angels exist?-A wife’s perspective on carhauling.

I quoted her last summer in “Is our current broker/carrier system broken?” because McWife writes well and when she writes about their carhauling business I get a kick out of reading her blog. This particular post is not only entertaining but expresses well the trials that are too common in the current car-hauling market. It is posted on her blog

McRamblings of a Crazy McWife

under the title

Tales of a car-hauler, part three- Angels

Here is an excerpt:

So Issac decided to get a second truck, well, it was a deal that fell in his lap, really- in the hopes that this second truck will pay for both trucks, thereby allowing more profits to be made by the first truck. Or vice versa.

Let’s just say that we had problem after problem after problem with this second truck. Issac and I were in it, and I swear- every single of the 16 days I was with him, something went wrong. Which really isn’t too far off from the norm every other time I’ve been with him- see here and here but I seriously wanted to give the truck back by the time I hopped out of it, leaving Issac to fend for himself.

UPDATE: Isaac has closed his transport business due to lack of profitability.

It is a sad truth about the state of our current economy when even those that are willing to work hard do not succeed. It is happening with regularity right now and there are a lot of very good workers like Isaac available to be employed right now.

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