FINALLY someone does something about the problem


If you don’t know a driver that has been injured from a fall, you probably have not been in the auto transport industry very long. Finally as a result of a fatal fall by a driver someone has said I can DO something about it and created a walkway for the headrack that extends and retracts hydraulically. Although it adds about 400 lbs to the truck isn’t that a small price to pay for the safety of your workers? I imagine that as these units get more common we will see more refinements that may be able to lower the weight penalty as well as the cost. I can imagine that once the accident reduction figures are in the that the insurance savings will more than cover the costs of the platform. I can’t imagine that you will not see these available as an option soon form Cottrell or Boydstun or both.F or now you can read all about this exciting new invention at


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