Does the union need to adapt to this new era?

Here is a recent pro union comment:

P. Wazluski Says:

I am Union and glad to be for over 20 years, I dont Always agree with the front office but I agree with the sharing the wealth and making me and my family’s life a little nicer. If it wasn’t for the teamsters everybody would br running for .10 cents a mile and/or $8.00 an hour! Now you can believe that or not, but teamsters keeping the rates up has helped EVERYBODY!!!. I’m sure there will be some say “I wouldn’t run for less than BLAH BLAH BLAH” I heard it a thousand times, from all types of truck drivers, but without teamsters you couldn’t refuse a load for better pay!!.. the beginning scenes from “Hoffa” sure do tell alot, where Danny Devito (without the union) has to take a load and drive all nite to deliver and back with little or no sleep or he was FIRED!!!! C’mon, that was for real not just movie hype!!!!! are you kidding me, thats ridiculous, but true!!!! My grandfather drove when there were no interstates and no union, my uncle was with Yellow Freight(ret.) and my dads with UPS(retiring soon) and now me with 20 yrs. in.. Im sorry but I like the union and what stands for, besides my Granpa said it Best 60 yrs ago,
“There are lot of guys driving trucks out there, But very few Truckers !!!! now that was 60 yrs ago, imagine what we are dealing with today!!!! I dont like what the world is looking like right now, but I dont want to be insanely rich, I just want to go fishin with my kids and not have to take out a loan to do it!!!!!! Im sorry so long winded…..

I drove carhaulers for years but always non-union and it has been my observation that the union trucks haul more one-way freight than the non-union guys. I always thought that it was because they were less likely to let a guy sit around waiting for a load when he was on the clock. I was paid on commission so I was willing to sit tight and hope that we could secure a load back home that might almost double my pay for the trip. I think that in this era of expensive fuel everybody needs to be as efficient as possible and running 50% empty miles is not good!

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