Manheim UPS Alliance


UPS’s Automotive Industry Solutions Group will work on behalf of Manheim’s customers – including dealerships, auto manufacturers, car rental companies and financial institutions – to arrange pick-up and drop-off of vehicles bound for Manheim’s 77 operating locations in the United States. Customers can expect professional and expert handling of their vehicles by UPS and consistent transport service, regardless of where they do business with Manheim. UPS anticipates an 18- to 24-month timeframe to transition all of Manheim’s operating locations to UPS’s services.

UPS will coordinate and dispatch requests from all of Manheim’s operating locations, enabling UPS to make the most cost-effective supply chain decisions, such as consolidating multiple shipments from one region into one delivery. UPS also will provide Manheim with consistent transport paperwork, payment terms and processes.

If you are interested in becoming an approved UPS carrier send an email to with the name of your company, a contact name,a phone number, the types of equipment you operate, the area you service and whether or not you currently serviceĀ  Manheim auctions. You can also inquire on the phone at 248-465-2640


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