No carriers for GMAC


Gmac has added AutoTransmart to their Smartauction transport list. They share the list with McNutt and Ready auto Transport.  Not one actual carrier is listed. Certainly the buyer of the cars can opt to call the carrier of his choice but Smart Auction is sure encouraging them to use a broker instead. My thought is that none of the carriers are willing to pay enough to be on the list but with the current system the carrier is paying the tab indirectly through the broker fee anyway.


Fred Domke, President, AutoTransMart Says:

AutoTransMart is not a transportation service provider, freight forwarder or broker. AutoTransMart provides a service that enables shippers and to communicate and do business with each other (see our Terms of Service). AutoTransMart acts as the matching service where Shippers and Carriers meet and enter into agreements to move vehicles. AutoTransMart’s role in the transportation of vehicles is to help the shipper find the best carrier for each load. AutoTransMart also provides quality control on the movement of freight by checking each carriers insurance and safety rating each time they bid and providing a rating system for shippers to rate carriers.

AutoTransMart provides a level playing field for all transportation providers that meet the standards required by AutoTransMart’s shippers. A ‘mom and pop’ one-truck hotshot’s bids look exactly the same a the bids of a 1,000-truck transporter or a broker with their own carrier network. What matters is having adequate insurance, passing safety audits, and providing quality service with dependable pickup and delivery. Even with all the screening to be an AutoTransMart carrier, about half of AutoTransMart’s loads are not awarded to the lowest bid, with shippers choosing a better delivery date or a higher carrier rating over price.

AutoTransMart just charges a small match fee and lets any qualified carrier register and compete for SmartAuction loads.

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