The carhaulers will most likely send negotiators back to the table

here is a post from The Carhauler that indicates the direction the vote is headed

Georgetown, KY Says NO!

Posted by: carslinger911 in Carhaul News As for our brothers in Georgetown, KY they also said no. They too understand the forty years of language that is at risk of being extinct. If we don’t stick together as Brothers and Sisters we to will be extinct. We have an uphill battle to fight, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had the pleasure to be at this meeting and was given the opportunity to speak. They tried to tell us that the reason the contract was gutted was, because the economic state of the auto industry. The number of units cut in production, and the loss of jobs in all of the industries. They also spoke of the companies and there financial state. They said that: “WE the union have controlled the business of the big three, and that are contract is the cause of their financial issues.” There was at least a couple of hundred men there and we were all shocked. Then we got the chance to speak, and some spoke of Article 48 and how it would effect the job we all love. They said any abuse by the employer, and we would have the grievance machine backing us. I found that to be comical, because they can’t handle the ones they have now. Can you imagine the thousands that would be presented to them if this BS contract passed? When it was my turn to speak I said: ” I’m not here to represent the TDU or any other organization. I’m here representing my brothers in this room, and my car-hauling brothers and sisters trough out this country. You are gutting 40 years of language and our brothers of the past sacrificed blood and tears to get us here.” I spoke of the articles of concern and the men cheered! I have not felt that type of passion in all my years as a Teamster. I spoke of Article 40 note 3 and how this article is set up to have us all fired before we retire, to be replaced by two tier drivers. We called for a show of hands and we knew, that our job there was done. A no vote sends them back to the negotiation table. We need to send those words all the way to Washington D.C. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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