The teamsters sucessfully topple Performance Transportation services

The question is why? Well as I see it if they gave them concessions on wage to help them stay viable(profitable) they fear that others(including automakers would make the same moves next. They appear to be willing to sacrifice a company with 2000 union jobs to keep from setting a precedent. Their risk is that so many jobs may be replaced by non-union carriers that this could be the beginning of the end for the unions. If they can’t get a significant percentage of the workers employed soon then how do you think the next strike vote will go! I don’t think they should have played hard-ball in this economy. It probably would have worked 3 years ago.

Here is a Teamsters opinion

Copied here from a comment on thecarhauler he is responding to a comment from ford focus buyer that blamed the union for loss of the PTS jobs.

  1. Homer50 says:
    Dear Ford Focus buyer, I have to disagree. Every one of us knew what we were doing right from the start. In papers that the Teamsters filed in court the day of the 15% paycut we stated we were, “Striking to put the company permanently out of business.” This company was rotten from the inside out and we weren’t gonna have another Enron type of closing here. If we were going down, and for most us employees we could see the writing on the wall, THEY WERE COMING WITH US!!! In the last few months they did everything they could to keep away anyone from getting a look at what they were doing. In court the day that they got the 15%, the second-lein holders were trying to get the court to appoint an examiner and PTS was FIGHTING IT!!!
    The ONLY purpose for the 15% paycut was to line their pockets with a little more cash before they finally closed the doors. If Jeff Cornish was talking he was probably lying!

letter from jeff cornish to performance transportation services PTS employees

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