Trucking gets High Tech

My son sent me a link to an article on titled

IT hits the highway: Big rigs go high tech

There was a device in there that I have never heard of that sounded good to me. I have never been a fan ot “big brother” or tattle tale devices and this one has that possibility so to me there is that negative. However to give me an audible warning in the cab when I drift out of my lane would be good. How many times have you been distracted by something like an abnormally high pyro reading or maybe the blonde in the convertible and drifted dangerously out of your lane! Here is the section of the article on this particular device:techology for auto transport tucks

Lane departure warning systems

These systems, also called lateral drift warning systems, use a forward-facing, windshield-mounted camera that tracks the position of the vehicle in the lane by watching the painted lane markers on each side of the road; the system issues an alert when the vehicle starts to drift. It uses image processing to identify lane markers by detecting the contrast between the white painted line and the darker pavement.

Most systems issue a noise similar to what a driver would hear when crossing a grooved-pavement “rumble strip” on the highway. Speakers on either side of the cab alert the driver to which way the vehicle is drifting. The systems are smart enough to know not to alert the driver when a turn signal is on, and they don’t issue warnings at lower speeds, when a vehicle may be turning, according to Iteris Inc., which markets the systems.

The technology has limitations. Because it relies on machine vision technology, it won’t work in foggy conditions or on roads that don’t have clear lane markings. So far, the systems alert only the driver, not the carrier.

The systems cost about $1,000 per vehicle. But on the highway, Iteris claims, trucks equipped with the technology can reduce rollover accident rates by 68%.

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