Vin scanner connections

I know some of you are using the new low profile bluetooth dongle from Kensington to connect your VIN scanners and I just recently purchased one myself only to discover that it didn’t work as good as my old clunky one. It often disconnected when not in use. I mentioned the situation to the technical dept at Baracoda and they said it is because the new dongle uses a Toshiba stack and the old style uses a Widcomm stack. They gave me an easy solution that worked well for me. Just uninstall both the drivers and plug in the new dongle and let windows recognize it and install its own driver. You may have to click on a button to allow it to do that. Then reinstall the driver for your VIN scanner and you should be good to go. At least for me it made it stay connected. bluetooth dingle to connect your vin scanner to a laptop

Now it works as good as my old one and I don’t have that dongle sticking out of the side of my laptop catching on things. If you have a scanner that isn’t staying connected well and this is not your problem call me on my cell 619-889-1589 and I will try and get a solution to your problem, These scanners are supposed to auto connect when you turn them on and stay connected as long as you leave it on and if that is not the case yours is working improperly. If you need help you can email me and I will help you get it working correctly.

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