Lost trailer

Looks like the trailer just dropped off in the lane!

trailer drop

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Headrack folded!

Driver being extracated from wrecked car haulerThis head rack folded up on impact and pinned the driver!

Pocono Record

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Blocked by Gmail

Apparently the EZDispatch servers somehow got blacklisted by Gmail. While we are Gmail blockedpleading our case before Gmail, they are blocking emails generated by EZDispatch server1. not spamIf you want to help speed up the process, you can go to your spam folders and and mark the emails from EZD as NOT SPAM (it will take some extra time for them to show up).



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Bridge Strike

ABC40 has a story on a car hauler verses bridge.


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Deck too high?

This is off of WABT.com:Short wheel-base Xterra

JACKSON, Miss. —A vehicle fell off a car carrier on Wednesday, causing a crash on Interstate 55 in Jackson.

Police said the car carrier was too high and hit a bridge, which knocked a Nissan Xterra off the truck.

“I was not low enough and I guess when it hit, since i didn’t have cars in the back, it just flew off,” said truck driver Tony Izaguirre.

deck too highAnother vehicle hit the Xterra when it fell off the truck, police said. The female driver of that vehicle was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Her name and condition were not immediately known.

“I was more concerned for the lady,” Izaguirre said. “My heart was pumping like you can’t imagine.”

Isaguirre said he heard a pop when the SUV flew off his truck.

“The bridge was high enough. It was my fault,” Isaguirre said.

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No injuries!

From The Gulf today:

Khor Fakkan: A  car carrier met with an accident on the Khor Fakkan Dibba road on no injuriesThursday. Traffic came to a complete halt for about four hours as a result of the mishap.

The accident, which a senior police officer said, was due to the overspeeding car carrier, took place on the main road near Al Sabekha area.

After the  driver lost control of his vehicle, it collided into the sidewalk, before violently bouncing off the road to crash into a light pole and then land on a sandy area away from the road, the police official added.

The car carrier had a trailer transporting seven cars, one of which tumbled off the carrier and got damaged, he added.

While the accident resulted in heavy damage to the car carrier, the sidewalk was subjected to some damage.

No injuries were, however, reported in the accident.
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Quickbooks adapter failure

Intuit has introduced a bug in R7 that is impacting all third party applications. Intuit has EZD QB adaptercorrected the issue with the release of the QuickBooks 2013 R8. Your EZDispatch QuickBooks adapter will NOT WORK with the R7 update because Quickbooks will not allow it to connect.

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3-car wedge wrecks

Story on wnem.com

3-car wedge wreck

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Fortunately this was minor at Manheim Matteson

Story on news 7

manhiem matteson



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Cutting a stinger trailer up on the highway!

It appears they are cutting it up into pieces to remove it. I have never seen this done before!

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