I’m not buying it!

SouthTownStar is reporting on a 3-car wedge that turned over while turning at an gooseneck hitch on a 3-car wedge.intersection. I am not questioning their reporting but I am questioning the quote “when the SUVs shifted”. Pretty hard to have that happen unless you have them sitting on ice or something weird which is not reflected in the pictures.  It is apparent in the pictures that the trailer is equipped with a goose-neck style hitch as opposed to a fifth-wheel. It sounds as though he delivered one of the three units which probably left most of the weight of the other two well forward on the trailer. Since the goose-neck provides NO side two side stability, it would be relatively easy to simple turn the entire trailer on it’s side by turning too fast and/or clipping a curb on the inside.

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EZDispatch can now do auto posting to CentralDispatch


auto posting to Central DispatchYou will need to request your Uid from Central and go to your Admin page and insert it.  Once you do that you will see a new link appear when you are brokering a load.auto posting to Central Dispatch2 Clicking that link will send an email to CentralDispatch that will post the load on Central and also assign the load to POSTED-TO-CD. When you assign the load to the carrier that accepts it, another email will be generated that will un-post it.

auto posting to Central Dispatch4

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They burn HOT!

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One of the top cars almost gets pulled off by live electrical wires!

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Las Vegas auto transport crash video

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Bad auto transport crash near London

The transporter(lory) over turned and not only injured the driver but blocked the highway(carriageway).

over the pond problems

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Oops in Colorado

KKCO news11


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Does that feel better?

Ok so after cinching the noose up really tight on the brokers, Central dispatch has loosened it up a bit. Does that feel better guys?centraldispatch new new pricing


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Central Dispatch Alternatives

We got 712 hits yesterday with the third highest search term being “Central Dispatch central dispatchAlternatives” Now IF there was a viable alternative, they would be losing business right now. Since they seem to have that market cornered, I suspect their revenue stream will increase dramatically.

search terms

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CentralDispatch rates for 2013

Now we know where the 7 million dollars is going to come from.

Central dispatch rates

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